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     Please visit the variety of live streaming internet video cameras on our innovative site, one of the first of its kind in the nation to offer both
indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. We are constantly striving to identify additional areas and businesses interested in having live streaming internet video cameras installed at their locations. We have added both indoor cameras and outdoor cameras at restaurants, wineries, hotels, and other interesting California destinations.


     We currently have live streaming internet video cameras in Jackson,
Sutter Creek, Volcano, Galt, Ione, Gilroy & Morgan Hill.  We are looking to place more ip cameras at other destination locations throughout California and beyond.
     If you know of an interesting destination that already has a live ip
camera, but does not have a website to put it on, just let us know.  We will take a look at it and see if it is possible to set it up for viewing on our
site. Live streaming internet video cameras can bring customers and
interested parties to your website who may otherwise not be aware of what you offer. We are also looking for pictures and video of amazing views, out of the way or undiscovered restaurants, wineries, hotels and destination locations. You can email us at info@calicams.com for more information. Or visit our contact page and fill out the form. Tell us what you're interested in, which ip cameras on our site you enjoy the most and where you'd like to see another CaliCams live streaming internet video camera.


     Don't forget to check out our Time Lapse Videos Fun Page. There will be more to come. Hopefully from you!


     So, What interests you? 


     And don't forget to check out our partner site Paranormalistics!



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